Menno Krant  30"x 28"  oils/acrylics
Menno Krant one of Canada's most recognized Outsider Artists

He began painting suddenly eighteen years ago. Self Taught & painting in  his car at
the time, driving to secluded locations where he would paint through the night by
streetlight, or soak his works in Lake Ontario to have them dry in the sun. He gained
recognition rapidly when a local antique dealer introduced his work to a New York
dealer which led to his inclusion in the international Outsider Art Show, NYC. Since
then his paintings have been exhibited and collected internationally. In Toronto, he
has participated generously in activist and community centered exhibitions including
Art of Darkness at the AGO and Rendez-vous with Madness. The documentary film
Live, Nude, Girls featured Menno Krant painting five women -literally- as they
discussed their relationship to their bodies. The CBC, Rogers and Life Channel,
Bravo TV, CTV, CBLT have all done programming involving his work and  held several
solo shows at the Tableau Vivant Gallery here in Toronto. Also shows in Chicago,
Florida, New York Atlanta and  with the Joy Moos Gallery In Los Angeles, The
Mississauga Museum of Art , and  Heritage Canada, and the Glenbow Museum,
Disney Asia,(Hong Kong).Spin Gallery, Albert White Gallery ,Engine Gallery, Parts
Gallery & Walter Moos Gallery Toronto.
Menno Krant