Menno Krant
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The Globe and Mail, Saturday March 21,1998                         Gallery Going by Betty Ann Jordan

MENNO KRANT at Tableau Vivant  

Krant's exuberant paintings,repeatedly portray a wild-eyed, block-headed Everyman with gritted teeth,
assailed by a hailstorm of semi-abstracted TV screens,buildings, cars and domestic animals.While
Krant has but one subject, his multilayered works are full of painterly invention and vibrant,delectable
One untitled work features a dominant black humanoid with an tunnel of a mouth, its goggle eyes
with rainbow colours, set against a jewel-toned  backgroun d nearly obliterated by a mint-green web. In
the same picture, a cluster of three heads with faces reminiscent of Munch's
The Scream share the
middle ground with a distraught cat and a rotting bowl of cherries. Perversely upbeat, Krant's paintings
touch a chord.

From $1,500 to $6,200. Until March 28. 917 Queen St.W.Toronto, Tableau Vivant Gallery
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