Menno Krant
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ARTFOCUS magazine article  ( EXcerpt)  Spring/Summer  1998   

Masochism & Mutation in Recent Toronto Art  by  Mathew Bennett

Toronto Insider/Outsider artist Menno Krant, who recently showed at Tableau Vivant on Queen street
and is represented by Joy Moos Gallery in Miami, has taken his explorations
of fear and hysteria into the realm of mutation, also. A series of stylized figure paintings
often feature people with three heads, all screaming and vying for attention. Sometimes a hand is
replaced by a strange puppet-like growth or an animal. In these images there is always the fear of
sabotage, the fear that the body could come alive with a mind of its own. Are these practices and
themes symptomatic of a sick-yet talented generation of artists> Does “upping the ante” in modern art-
making mean putting your self at risk as well? Perhaps, like Van Gogh, the immediacy these artists
crave can only be satisfied through pain as well as production.